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Rockhampton. Nr Berkeley. Glos GL13 9DT. 07976 361929

            SUNDAY OCTOBER 15th                                                                                                                                                  JUNIOR & SENIOR UNAFFILIATED JUMPING   PROMPT 10am START PLEASE                                                     Classes inc HARTPURY SUMMER CHAMPIONSHIP QUALIFIERS                                                                Lovely rosettes & medals

10am  - please note all classes will follow on so class 5 could start as early as 11.30

CLASS 1; !'6 Clear round. Entries will close at 10.05 & you must ave jumped by 10.15

CLASS 2; 1'6/1'9 HANDICAP with no backpoles

CLASS 3;  2'/2'3 HANDICAP with no back poles

CLASS 4;  2'3/2'6 HANDICAP with no back poles

CLASS 5;  2'6/2'9 HANDICAP with no back poles

Entry Fee in all classes members £7.50p Non members £8.50p

* All classes open to horses & ponies riders any age 
you may compete on the leading rein
You can compete in both sections of all classes if you enter both sections.
if there are more than 2 ponies & 2 horses in any class there will be seperate rosettes awarded for horses & ponies

The only refreshments available will be drinkes & confectionary